Welcome to QianaZee.com.

I’m a romance writer who specializes in science fiction/futuristic, fantasy, and BDSM–though my work isn’t limited to those genres. My heroes are always large, in charge and virile to the max. My heroines are classy but sassy, serious and mischievous, sweet yet devilish and many things in between.

I have several submissions under consideration and hope to have some news soon. One of the titles being considered is Bound to Chance, the first story in my Variants series.

~Blurb for Variants I: Bound to Chance (M/F, Sci-Fi/Futuristic)~:

In 2039 geneticists discover Variants, a subspecies of human whose DNA has endowed them with extraordinary gifts.

Superhot. Supercharged. Super-lover.

That’s how Amy Lake describes Chance McHenry, the hunky ex-cop who broke her heart just moments after the most mind-blowing sex ever. Chance may be an ex-cop, but he’s still a full-time Variant, a genetic superman whose very existence has scientists in a tizzy.

When he walks back into Amy’s life with shocking news and a vow of everlasting love, she is shaken to her core. Can she trust him with her heart again with so much on the line?

I’ll be updating the Variants page soon with information about the McHenry clan, their powers and their mates. I’m also working on pages for my other titles.

Take care!